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16/05/2017 Update: LoLPing might not work on PCs that use Windows 10 Creators Update right now due to some compatibility problems between Java 7, Java 8 and WIndows' User Account Control.

I'll update as soon as the problem is solved.

LoLPing is a tool to check your ping delay (ms) to your favourite League of Legends server.

Improvements in 1.1.2:

· Time between tests reduced by 35%.

· Ping value is now more accurate.

· Server list now lists servers using their full name.

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Published 1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date 1 year ago
Tagsleague-of-legends, Mouse only, ping, test, tool, user-interface
Average sessionA few seconds


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LoLPing 1.1.2.jar 47 kB


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Ok the results for 1.0.1 are:

EUW: 41
NA: 38
EUNE: 43
OCE: 34

Kinda funny I get the least ping in oceania as I'm in Europe. Huh.
As for 1.1.0 I got the bug where it doesn't display anything, unfortunately. The idea of having a graph is pretty cool.

Things that could use a bit of sprucing up:
- The minimalistic approach is ok, but make a bit less bright, the white is too pronounced and I for example can't properly see the inner graph grid.
- Maybe get rid of the scrolling in the server selection, with the new size there's enough space to open the entire list.

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1.1.1 Should fix your issues :) (Already available).

Not working for me. I have the same problem as DoubleA7. Even if it's not working, I like the idea and the hud looks great. Looking forward for a working version of it :)

1.1.1 Should fix your issues :) (Already available).

The hud Is very minimalist, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, and when the bugs are fixed, I expect it to be fairly useful as I often find myself needing to check my ping. Hope the bugs get fixed fast.

1.1.1 Should fix your issues :) (Already available).

This was fixed pretty quickly, Thanks. I'm going to update my rating and keep this downloaded, as all the pings seem to be correct.

Works for me, good usefull tool. I'll be using this.

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Works for me. same ping I get when i ping the server in command prompt. Good job! 10/10

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Works well, could be better and more minimal visually. 9/10.

I also gave you a dollar, for all it's worth.

It definitely could be better, for sure, and it will, I already received ideas to develop a new version (Including bug fixes) :)

Thank you for the generous donation :)

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Ping 1.1 doesn't work at all (I'm in the UAE pinging anywhere doesn't work)

and ping 1.0.1 shows wrong result, shows 40 ping when my usual ping is 140 (For EUW again from UAE)

NA - shows 38 when I'd get around 300 playing in NA

OCE showing 39, i'd get arouind 300 again.

BR showing 89

LAN showing 36

Maybe it's not detecting my location or something, all these values are inaccurate.

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1.1.1 Should fix your issues :) (Already available).

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Really good software. 10/10

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This works pretty well OP.