Beyond LoLPing: LoLPing 2.0

Ok, I admit it. LoLPing wasn't perfect. It worked (most of the time) but was ugly and not very intuitive.

That's why LoLPing 2 exists. It's basically the same, but better:

  • Prettier user interface (UI): Even if it's still not perfect, it's still better than the old all gray UI.
  • Intuitive: You don't need to click a million buttons to start ping tests to diferent servers any more.
  • Ping charts: This is still pretty similar, but you don't need to select the server on a ComboBox and press a button to add it to the chart any more, a simple CheckBox click does all that job now. And the charts look better....right? RIGHT??

This started as a project to practice with JavaFX (A Java UI library) and that's still what it is. The diference is I have been working with JavaFX for almost 2 years now, that seems to help when designing basic UIs.

I'll keep an eye on the tool and fix any bug that I find. I'll also further improve the UI as I keep trying to learn how to design them better.


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Sep 28, 2017

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