Please Stop 0.1

On the 8th of May of 2017 someone told me "Please, stop making games, you are so bad", so I created this little game.

I want to learn about GameDev, I will develop new stuff, experiement with diferent mechanics and game elements, add them to this game and see how it works.

Money is not my objective with this, please feel free to download the game for free, play it and hate my awful gamedev abilities.

(Take into account that I develop this game as a way to learn, so many observations and ideas will be around the process of learning or experimenting with different and new (for me) mechanics)

My thoughts on the development of this version (First version):

  • Unity is really noob-friendly: Doing this little prototype was incredibly easy.
  • UI takes a lot more time than I thought, the current UI is REALLY simple, and still took me as much (if not more) time as the actual levels.
  • 3D physics are....interesting, I've always worked on 2D until now, but going 3D gives a lot more room to experiment, but also a lot more headaches.
  • A 3 level game is really short.
  • Level 2 sucks.


  • I plan on adding more levels. I already have at least 3 other mechanics I want to try, so I have enough ideas to make a bunch of new levels.
  • Seriously, level 2 sucks so much, I want to rebuild it completely.
  • Hear something? ....I guess not.... Because the game has no sound effects or music. Add something please.
  • Particles: I have ideas that can help me learn to implement particle systems, probably on colisions, or some kind of power up involving auras, not sure, but particles will eventually make it into the game some way or another.
  • Animations? I really want to learn about 3D animations, but I don't know how that can be added to this game, I might use animated characters as obstacles or something like that, but not in the near future.

(Everything listed here is stuff I want to implement or improve, this doesn't mean it's 100% going to be done, I want doesn't always mean I will in this case)


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17 days ago

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